MAP Trays


The trays are made from sustainable, fast growth softwood fibre that is harvested from FSC certified forests with full chain of custody.

The laminate film is less than 10% of the net weight of the tray, allowing the tray to be recycled in the mixed papers waste stream.


Pulp Softwood from FSC Certified Forests
Pulp Thickness 0.8 mm
Laminate Multilayer EVOH Barrier Film
Laminate Thickness 0.1 mm

Performance Characteristics

Vapour (water permeability in g/m2/d) < 5.0
Oxygen Permeability (in cm3 / m2 dbar) < 5.0
CO2 Permeability (in cm3 / m2 dbar) < 25.0
Nitrogen Permeability (in cm3 / m2 dbar) < 2.0
Sealing Temperature (in Degrees C) 120 – 200

Cool Chain

The pulp surface has been treated with a food grade hydrophobic additive to maintain wet and dry strength through distribution.

MAP Trays - Edamah