Tray Sealer


Offers maximum packaging solutions for produce and meal trays. The tray sealing machine consists of a sandblasted chrome body that incorporates two different cutting systems. The rear cutter blade system provides mold changing; another cutting model “Cliosharper” cuts the film in the form of tray with a four corner cutting feature.


Standard Tray Size 325 xx 265 mm
Performance Up To 900 Pieces / Hour
Voltage 220 V
Power 1.75 kW
Dimensions of the Machine W 520 x L 546 x H 786 mm
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Box Dimensions L 570 x W 620 x H 420 mm
Weight 40.80 Kg
Weight with Box 48.30 Kg
Blade System From Edge Cutting
Tray Sealing Machines - Edamah